Saturday, December 5, 2020

New Rules

I've been trying to keep one step away from being taken away for my own safety. There has to be some New Rules put out there for the sake of  my and many of the supporters sanity (I'm doing in this in the way first Bill Hicks then Bill Maher did/do, for comedic value, so wind your neck in if you get triggered)

Rule 1- I don't give a flying fuck about the opinion of the high and mighty who see change at Celtic as an end to cosy wee arrangements and comfy seats. I've seen you all with your suits and cigarettes, milling about the main stand watching the rest of us like you've made it and we haven't. This is football. Heated lounges full of flat free beer and samosas have about as much to do with football as a Christmas jumper has to do with Celtic. (Apologies for the language but I thought I had to grab your attention)

Rule 2-If you react to a Green Brigade statement saying "They don't speak to for me" then you must provide evidence where they said they do. The histrionics of people when they see free speech is doing my nut in. It's ok to disagree but the way to react is to counter-protest, not bust a blood vessel on social media. That's just Bad Manners.

Rule 3-If you think Celtic employees have influence over Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond, you've not been paying attention. It's like thinking that Billy Jo Jim Bob in Alabama is influencing the policy in The White House....(Hang on, scratch that one)

Rule 4- When the club is going through its worst crisis since 1994, don't announce a Christmas jumper day. (Aye this Christmas jumper thing is a trigger of mine)

Rule 5- If you claim to be a "club open to all" don't put fences up to stop the people who pay the wages.

The last one was the whole point of this blog. With apologies to Bill Hicks and Bill Maher.

Stay safe

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