Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Archaic Chaos

The saddest thing about the way Peter Lawwell operates is that, for many, far, far too many, it still works. I've been preaching for years that Celtic is a dictatorship run by one man with an occasional dip in the water from the toe of Dermot Desmond. People slag Celtic's "PR Department" (me included) but the reality is, it's just a token effort. Lawwell is the PR department. I've personally witnessed Iain Jamieson run through a week's events at Celtic only to be told by Lawwell "We're not doing that, that needs moved and I am now travelling that day" (Incidentally, the "travelling" excuse is well-worn by Lawwell. I've seen it so many times but one time it was used, I was actually hosting the Armageddon premiere at Celtic Park and saw him an hour after I was told he was "flying somewhere")

The use of old media is what really grinds my gears. I've personally challenged him on it and have been batted away with numbers of people who buy newspapers. Peter Lawwell actually thinks everyone still walks to a shop in the morning to buy a newspaper, reads it, then bases all their opinions on what they have been told by the newspaper. Indeed, recently, we have seen chief Celtic-hater Keith Jackson brought back into the fold just because his newspaper sells around 90,000 copies a day. No matter that Jackson despises us, has little to no relevance anywhere but if Peter brings him back in now then wee Keith won't write naughty things about him and ruin his Christmas.

It would actually be funny if it were not so serious.

By the same token, why do people proclaiming to be part of "Celtic Fan Media" (whatever the fuck that is now) appear on the media that hate us? I get that it massages egos and gets you 35 more followers and a bigger chance of a seat at some backslapping ceremony but really? We started our own platforms to provide alternative narratives. The old media had helped prop up things like racism, discrimination and Rangers (IL) Why then kowtow to them?

I'll never get that one.

(Incidentally, I've been on the BBC. It's the only one I would go on because it's a publicly funded broadcaster that I believe in the idea of. You also may be aware it's the one I berate. I couldn't care less about Radio Clyde, Sky or the newspapers, they mean nothing to me)

Remember your history. At the advent of fan media, the old guard called us "Internet Bampots" poured scorn on podcasts and laughed bloggers out of court. Then they immersed themselves in all that just to survive. What's happened in the last few years is that so many blogs and podcasts have popped up that simply replicate what the old media do. Let me tell you a couple of three things, the old media use you and Celtic will never employ you.

Getting back to Lawwell, the playbook remains the same. Any time he wants a narrative built, he gets his wee Nokia out, phones a few pet journalists and they start tweeting the line. Most of them don't even bother writing up a story, just tweet out, fuck you supporters, good night,

I've said on Twitter recently, that this is a hard fight but not impossible. Peter Lawwell doesn't run a slick, dynamic operation. He runs the whole thing on his thoughts and his feelings. He puts out the mirage of consultation but never listens (Someone told me he gathered all his heads of department in a room once and asked them what the price of a season ticket should be next season. All agreed on a similar price and then Lawwell told them what the price would be)

What Celtic need is a freshness to engulf the club. Out of the three tournaments already and hanging on with our fingertips is bad enough.

Not changing now would be catastrophic.

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