Thursday, October 22, 2020

New Digital Magazine


Today we officially launch The Front of The Bus digital magazine. It's a twofold strategy. The first is to continually update the three books I did that became films The Asterisk Years, Anyone but Celtic and Armageddon. This is because there are lots of stories out there not big enough for books but deserve an airing all the same.  The second is to provide a voice and platform to those who need them. There are lots of stories and opinions that the Scottish mainstream media refuse to acknowledge so we will.

We have set up a Facebook page @thefrontofthebus 

We want stories too, send to 

We are delighted to have over 100 subscribers already which allows us to commit to four issues. 

To purchase those four issues, and get issue 1 emailed to you right away, Paypal £10 to 

Thanks for listening.

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