Wednesday, January 8, 2020

This may be business, it's never personal but it's always Celtic.

I've seen a lot of stuff in the last week that has demanded action from Celtic and Peter Lawwell on various things from the SFA to Resolution 12. Whilst completely agreeing with the sentiment, I find it all a tad na├»ve because anyone that knows Celtic and Lawwell, knows they don't do action.  No, what they do is chats with pet journalists, phone calls on an old Nokia (because they think they can't be hacked on one of those) and a few co-conspirator "supporters" are fed the odd transfer titbit in order to distract some but not all.

I find it absolutely astounding that there are supporters out there who put out tweets, blogs and podcasts as if everything is just hunky dory at Celtic. We all know there is the old faithful blog that would hand Lawwell a lighter if he decided to set fire to the stadium but a worrying amount seem either completely oblivious to what is happening at Celtic or, much worse, they are complicit in it.

First of all, the supporters have no voice at Celtic. Save for a few hand picked folk (I know because I used to be one-in my defence, I always asked about big picture stuff but because of this I was excluded from things like a meeting with Neil Doncaster), no one that supports Celtic has any right to reply. We have a nonsensical SLO position which has a triple glazing glass ceiling above it and, if home truths were really out there, the current incumbent would admit that Peter Lawwell brought him in to ensure The Green Brigade behaved how he wanted them to. Forget any notion that the SLO is in there fighting for the supporters on the big issues. (In fact, my experience is the exact opposite and I know that is the same for a lot of folk who have dealt face to face with Celtic- I should also declare an interest here: About 18 months ago, I just stopped getting tickets for away games. I tried to get an explanation for it, through the SLO, and got nowhere. It all came to a head in September 2019 when he couldn't even get the ticket office manager to reply to me. It was then passed onto the "Club Lawyer" Chris Duffy who went back and forth with me, shared jokes with me and promised to resolve my issue before, just like away tickets, he stopped. I'm not special and I know many have suffered the same sort of treatment but the bottom line is this sort of treatment is now the norm at Celtic)

As for Public Relations, the old joke is when someone mentions the Public Relations department at Celtic, the other person replies "There's a Public Relations department at Celtic?" and the truth is, there isn't. As far as I can see, Iain Jamieson's job is to ensure the mainstream media get all the access to Celtic that they want and to ensure that the directors get to and from the games in as much comfort as possible. Peter Lawwell does all the phone calls to journalists and will often change all the plans at Celtic at a moment's notice. So if you're in the house, waiting on Celtic responding to the onslaught on the club since December 29th then I can tell you now "Extremely disappointed" is as good as it is going to get.

There are some out there who blame the press for everything and it's an argument I've never understood. They hate us, why do you expect them to treat us any differently than they currently do? I see people tie themselves in knots every day as if it is a surprise that some cunt from the Daily Record doesn't like us (I had my own experience of this a couple of days when the Daily Record had a "funny" dig at me. My response? Zero. I couldn't give a toss because, as they say in the good ole U S of A, "Haters gonna hate")

Onto the actual football, and a bumper transfer window for Celtic has already gone to "it won't be many" according to Neil Lennon.  Which alarms me. The centre of defence needs work, Frimpong badly needs a rest and we have one striker we can rely on who isn't really a striker to begin with. Added to that, the midfield needs a bit of bite and I'd say that we need some new blood pronto but again, Celtic don't do action.

You may call me a grumpy old cunt (and many do and much worse) but believe me when I say that none of this is personal and anything I say in a blog has already been said to anyone in it. I write like this because Celtic occupy my life all day, every day and they always have done. We are so close to making history again, I will not accept a drop in a standards from anyone.

And that's coming from me, who is no one.

Modern football pisses me off. I watched the lifeless FA Cup at the weekend and my toes curl at us ever becoming like that. However, to ensure we don't, everyone must put the good of Celtic before everything.

And that must start at the top.

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