Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rebels-The Film

Ok, so I am trying a way of life. It's what Elvis coined as "A little less conversation, a little more action" or Jim Slaven coined as "Do less, better"

Quite simply I am going to try a year with very little interaction on Social Media save for talking about work. I am a man who loves a good debate/argument but the subjects I like talking about are going round in circles and are, quite frankly, boring me.

Also, I'm 46 this year. I won't be on this planet anywhere near that length of time again so it's time to work and create.

The first thing coming your way is a new podcast in mid February. I will talk to writers and creators, agitators and innovators. So stay tuned for that.

Then of course there is the film we are producing, Rebels, which is now in pre-production. That has been my focal point, in terms of writing the script, for over a year now and the point we are at now is it is finished and I am going back forth with the director and actors making little tweaks to ensure we are as happy as we can be with it.

The crux being, you'll hear less of me and more of my work.

Must be half good at least, eh?

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