Friday, January 17, 2020

Lie in their pish

Fitba is back at the weekend. Those of us lucky enough to have tickets for Firhill will be there glowing from an afternoon of keeping warm in the boozer whilst those who aren't have to subscribe to a pay per view channel and hand over the sort of wedge that only Lee McCulloch's Maw wouldn't baulk at to watch something on the telly.

And this is meant to be the national cup competition right?

Scottish fitba went beyond parody a long time ago. Nothing surprises me anymore and it is obvious to me that most supporters have adopted a chagrin and bear it kind of attitude because thinking about the game here too much is liable put you on a diet of moonshine and Valium and I take enough fucking pills as it is.

The latest pish they are asking us to swallow in a oner is the idea that Kevin Clancy booked Morelos after the game on Dec 29th for his throat slit gesture.

Ok then.

This reminds me of the time when Paul Burrell was going to court for stealing items from a dead Diana Spencer's hoose (not to be confused with that one on London Road) and someone said to Betty Windsor "You realise this cunt knows everything, aye?" and on the day of the trial, Betty miraculously remembered that all the items were merely resting in Paul Burrell's hoose.

The Huns 2.0 clearly didn't know this had happened or why go on an extensive PR campaign to paint Morelos as the second coming in order to make him escape an even lengthier ban?

Bottom line is, The SFA are ripping the piss out of us again. For his faults, John Reid wouldn't stand for "Dougie Dougie" and went to town on the SFA then.

Will anyone from Celtic do it now?

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rebels-The Film

Ok, so I am trying a way of life. It's what Elvis coined as "A little less conversation, a little more action" or Jim Slaven coined as "Do less, better"

Quite simply I am going to try a year with very little interaction on Social Media save for talking about work. I am a man who loves a good debate/argument but the subjects I like talking about are going round in circles and are, quite frankly, boring me.

Also, I'm 46 this year. I won't be on this planet anywhere near that length of time again so it's time to work and create.

The first thing coming your way is a new podcast in mid February. I will talk to writers and creators, agitators and innovators. So stay tuned for that.

Then of course there is the film we are producing, Rebels, which is now in pre-production. That has been my focal point, in terms of writing the script, for over a year now and the point we are at now is it is finished and I am going back forth with the director and actors making little tweaks to ensure we are as happy as we can be with it.

The crux being, you'll hear less of me and more of my work.

Must be half good at least, eh?

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

This may be business, it's never personal but it's always Celtic.

I've seen a lot of stuff in the last week that has demanded action from Celtic and Peter Lawwell on various things from the SFA to Resolution 12. Whilst completely agreeing with the sentiment, I find it all a tad na├»ve because anyone that knows Celtic and Lawwell, knows they don't do action.  No, what they do is chats with pet journalists, phone calls on an old Nokia (because they think they can't be hacked on one of those) and a few co-conspirator "supporters" are fed the odd transfer titbit in order to distract some but not all.

I find it absolutely astounding that there are supporters out there who put out tweets, blogs and podcasts as if everything is just hunky dory at Celtic. We all know there is the old faithful blog that would hand Lawwell a lighter if he decided to set fire to the stadium but a worrying amount seem either completely oblivious to what is happening at Celtic or, much worse, they are complicit in it.

First of all, the supporters have no voice at Celtic. Save for a few hand picked folk (I know because I used to be one-in my defence, I always asked about big picture stuff but because of this I was excluded from things like a meeting with Neil Doncaster), no one that supports Celtic has any right to reply. We have a nonsensical SLO position which has a triple glazing glass ceiling above it and, if home truths were really out there, the current incumbent would admit that Peter Lawwell brought him in to ensure The Green Brigade behaved how he wanted them to. Forget any notion that the SLO is in there fighting for the supporters on the big issues. (In fact, my experience is the exact opposite and I know that is the same for a lot of folk who have dealt face to face with Celtic- I should also declare an interest here: About 18 months ago, I just stopped getting tickets for away games. I tried to get an explanation for it, through the SLO, and got nowhere. It all came to a head in September 2019 when he couldn't even get the ticket office manager to reply to me. It was then passed onto the "Club Lawyer" Chris Duffy who went back and forth with me, shared jokes with me and promised to resolve my issue before, just like away tickets, he stopped. I'm not special and I know many have suffered the same sort of treatment but the bottom line is this sort of treatment is now the norm at Celtic)

As for Public Relations, the old joke is when someone mentions the Public Relations department at Celtic, the other person replies "There's a Public Relations department at Celtic?" and the truth is, there isn't. As far as I can see, Iain Jamieson's job is to ensure the mainstream media get all the access to Celtic that they want and to ensure that the directors get to and from the games in as much comfort as possible. Peter Lawwell does all the phone calls to journalists and will often change all the plans at Celtic at a moment's notice. So if you're in the house, waiting on Celtic responding to the onslaught on the club since December 29th then I can tell you now "Extremely disappointed" is as good as it is going to get.

There are some out there who blame the press for everything and it's an argument I've never understood. They hate us, why do you expect them to treat us any differently than they currently do? I see people tie themselves in knots every day as if it is a surprise that some cunt from the Daily Record doesn't like us (I had my own experience of this a couple of days when the Daily Record had a "funny" dig at me. My response? Zero. I couldn't give a toss because, as they say in the good ole U S of A, "Haters gonna hate")

Onto the actual football, and a bumper transfer window for Celtic has already gone to "it won't be many" according to Neil Lennon.  Which alarms me. The centre of defence needs work, Frimpong badly needs a rest and we have one striker we can rely on who isn't really a striker to begin with. Added to that, the midfield needs a bit of bite and I'd say that we need some new blood pronto but again, Celtic don't do action.

You may call me a grumpy old cunt (and many do and much worse) but believe me when I say that none of this is personal and anything I say in a blog has already been said to anyone in it. I write like this because Celtic occupy my life all day, every day and they always have done. We are so close to making history again, I will not accept a drop in a standards from anyone.

And that's coming from me, who is no one.

Modern football pisses me off. I watched the lifeless FA Cup at the weekend and my toes curl at us ever becoming like that. However, to ensure we don't, everyone must put the good of Celtic before everything.

And that must start at the top.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Peter Lawwell and The SFA

Regular readers of this blog know how it works. You give any entity from Ibrox an inch and they take a million miles. This time, last year Morelos was able to stamp all over our players, the referee does nothing and then enjoys a pint among his own afterwards.

End result? Absolutely fuckall happens.

Fast forward a year and another Sevco win and it's an onslaught on Celtic as Peter Lawwell does his usual, phone a few folk, drip feed a couple of token quotes and sit back hiding behind his secretary.

In 2012, we should have dismantled the SFA. One thing I consistently said on tour was that the SFA knew about the huns cheating way before anyone else did and did nothing about it. When the taxman  got wind of it, the SFA told the huns they needed to comply with a full investigation. The huns, rightly in my view, said back "But we kept you informed the whole time?". When it reached crisis level at the SFA and the, then, SPL, Celtic, Peter Lawwell and Eric Riley, were deliberately kept in the dark as other clubs deliberated what they should do.

I said the above to Peter Lawwell, that being kept in the dark should have been the fuel we needed to raise the SFA to the ground and his answer was "we are working on that behind the scenes" His next card was to bring in the lawyer, from Harper MacLeod, who was dealing with it and a group of us were given the opportunity to question him. I've not named the lawyer because he may just have had a bad day but he was as inspiring and assuring as fire juggler with no hands.

I remember a feeling in my gut that day that if this the quality the SFA would have to face, they'd be safe for another 100 years.

Peter Lawwell then stepped down from all boards within the SFA and SPFL. He was questioned on this and his reply was "It frees me up to focus on things like this"  (the fightback against the cheating)

He was also, frequently, at pains to point out that on Dec 2nd, 2011, he wrote a letter to the SFA questioning Rangers (IL) right to a European Licence and Craig Whyte's ownership of Rangers (IL)

So at this point, now 2016, I, and others, were of a mindset of "Right, he's away from them, the metaphorical guns are being loaded" (or words to that effect, gies peace, it's new year)

Well, Peter, we are still waiting.

And as we told you at the time "we can't have a situation where Celtic's response to decades of cheating and corruption was to write a letter"

Yet we are still there now and the SFA, Sevco and all our enemies are rubbing their hands with glee right now.

And it could have been so different.