Monday, December 30, 2019

Fold Firm

I'm not on to whinge about the game yesterday, we were deservedly beaten by a team who wanted it more. The biggest flaw of these players over the last three and a half years is their complacency. Thankfully, the situations have been recoverable and we can only hope that the current one is.

I've said many times here and on Social Media that I am not happy with Celtic right now. In fact, I've been absolutely fucking furious for a while now. The reason is very simple: Everything the supporters fought for in 2012 is now gone. Everything that should have changed forever is now back exactly where it was in 2012.

The Cup Final hysteria sickened me. All of sudden we have six hours of pre-match coverage and carpools of folk who open their mouths with little substance and loads of spin. I saw trailers for this pish and didn't watch or record a second of it. I don't blame BT at all, it's Celtic's fault, Lawwell's fault and the fault of the "staff" at Celtic who never stand up to him. In fact, they spend most of their time doing his bidding which is, by and large, bullshitting the supporters.

I can tell you now, they never had any intention of fighting the cheating or dismantling the SFA. Instead, Lawwell saw to it that all the supporters who were demanding action were lead down the Celtic Way by his staff who are as complicit as he is in the lack of action.

It's gone now. They simply don't give a fuck what fans think and the sad thing is, they're bringing through supporters who, quite frankly, can't see past the end of their fucking noses. I encountered one yesterday. Must have been about 20-21 and when Morelos was sent off, he celebrated as if we had pulled it back to 2-2. As bewilderment surrounded him, I heard him say "I had a tenner on him to get sent off"

Mate, if someone had told me at that precise moment I'd won the lottery, I'd have told them to go forth and multiply.

All night last night on the radio, TV, Sportscene it was "Old Firm this, OId Firm that" and why? Because we did fuckall about it.  In fact, you know what's worse? We preferred the blue pound to things like justice and integrity.

I don't take defeats as badly as I did against the Oldco because the team who beat us yesterday are not, and will never be, "Rangers"

However, we should still be Celtic and the sort of people who populate the board room just now are as much Celtic as I am slimmer of the year.

It might not matter to you, whatever the club is like behind the scenes, as long as the team wins but it matters to some of us.

Not the daft cunt with the bet up obviously, but to some of us.

One club folded and our board acted like that was their cue to fold at every opportunity since.

Which is why you are going to hear "The Old Firm" again and again and again.

But don't worry, prices in the Celtic shop are reduced, there's another festival in the summer and it's only £37 for the last 32 of the Europa League.


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