Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year from Peter Lawwell

It never ceases to amaze how many people get impressed by old white men in suits. I was reminded this again when watching The Loudest Voice the story of Roger Ailes and the rise of Fox News. Ailes got to the top by lying constantly and pushing the agenda of more old white guys in suits whilst pretending to be a man of the people. He was one of those "masters of the universe" guys who thought they were invincible because people were impressed with their power. What he said went at Fox News and that's pretty much why it remains the fucking shitshow it is now.

In Celtic world today, I noticed online that people are sitting waiting like those with lottery tickets in front of the TV,  on Celtic saying something, anything about the last few days. You've more chance of a fucking lottery win. Far less all being in at the park, working on what the strategy is for now and the rest of the season, all the good and the great at Celtic are all safely tucked up in their big hooses, pouring expensive wines and whiskies whilst turning up the heating a notch to make sure their wee tootsies dinnae get cauld.

I remember once Peter Lawwell saying, when I challenged him on what sort of strategy we had for a renewed Sevco spend and challenge (They ain't going out of business folks, deal with it) and he replied "They may beat us in the odd game but they will never take a league off us again"

Let's hope so.

It's long been suspected that the high heid yins at Celtic, up to and including Lawwell, want a strong Sevco, just one that is slightly less stronger than us. Me? I want to obliterate anything that comes out of Ibrox. (I'm an old school son of a gun)

Can that actually be true? Do Celtic want Sevco to get stronger?

Well, it's a hard sell and I can only go on what I know. Which is that Peter Lawwell had good relations with Martin Bain right up until the end of The Huns (in fact, at the time The Huns were cheating their way to a European Licence, Lawwell and Bain were all cosy trying to convince the EPL of the benefits of the "Old Firm" (their words) in England. This was in March 2011. The comparison that springs to mind is the CIA and the Berlin Wall)

(I  witnessed a furious shouting match at Celtic Park when supporters questioned the outrageousness of the pricing of Sevco games and Lawwell's response was to say "We can charge what we want"in a huge missing of the point kind of way)

Is that the reason the Celtic Board asked you to vote against Resolution 12 at the recent AGM?

Maybe Peter Lawwell can tell us in his New Year speech.

Oh wait...

I guess that just leaves me to say Happy New Year, it's your club, take it back.


Monday, December 30, 2019

Fold Firm

I'm not on to whinge about the game yesterday, we were deservedly beaten by a team who wanted it more. The biggest flaw of these players over the last three and a half years is their complacency. Thankfully, the situations have been recoverable and we can only hope that the current one is.

I've said many times here and on Social Media that I am not happy with Celtic right now. In fact, I've been absolutely fucking furious for a while now. The reason is very simple: Everything the supporters fought for in 2012 is now gone. Everything that should have changed forever is now back exactly where it was in 2012.

The Cup Final hysteria sickened me. All of sudden we have six hours of pre-match coverage and carpools of folk who open their mouths with little substance and loads of spin. I saw trailers for this pish and didn't watch or record a second of it. I don't blame BT at all, it's Celtic's fault, Lawwell's fault and the fault of the "staff" at Celtic who never stand up to him. In fact, they spend most of their time doing his bidding which is, by and large, bullshitting the supporters.

I can tell you now, they never had any intention of fighting the cheating or dismantling the SFA. Instead, Lawwell saw to it that all the supporters who were demanding action were lead down the Celtic Way by his staff who are as complicit as he is in the lack of action.

It's gone now. They simply don't give a fuck what fans think and the sad thing is, they're bringing through supporters who, quite frankly, can't see past the end of their fucking noses. I encountered one yesterday. Must have been about 20-21 and when Morelos was sent off, he celebrated as if we had pulled it back to 2-2. As bewilderment surrounded him, I heard him say "I had a tenner on him to get sent off"

Mate, if someone had told me at that precise moment I'd won the lottery, I'd have told them to go forth and multiply.

All night last night on the radio, TV, Sportscene it was "Old Firm this, OId Firm that" and why? Because we did fuckall about it.  In fact, you know what's worse? We preferred the blue pound to things like justice and integrity.

I don't take defeats as badly as I did against the Oldco because the team who beat us yesterday are not, and will never be, "Rangers"

However, we should still be Celtic and the sort of people who populate the board room just now are as much Celtic as I am slimmer of the year.

It might not matter to you, whatever the club is like behind the scenes, as long as the team wins but it matters to some of us.

Not the daft cunt with the bet up obviously, but to some of us.

One club folded and our board acted like that was their cue to fold at every opportunity since.

Which is why you are going to hear "The Old Firm" again and again and again.

But don't worry, prices in the Celtic shop are reduced, there's another festival in the summer and it's only £37 for the last 32 of the Europa League.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

An offering from a "paranoid lunatic"

Pretty much any time referees become a hot topic in Scottish football, the second film I did gets a mention and I get some new torrents of abuse and support. Of course, I think you know ABC was about much more than who gets penalties and so on so I am going to get to the core of the matter right now.

A lot of people in Scotland hate it when Celtic supporters stand up for their own.

What these people, The People, would like is if we all bent at the knee, lay down and spoke when spoken to. If you want that, go see the Celtic Board, not folk like me.

The thing that is sticking in the Sevco craw is, and is yet more proof of the new club status, is all the old advantages have gone bar one, the honest mistakes, and when that doesn't happen the toys come out the pram. Jullien was offside, yes, a fraction, still offside but a lot harder to judge than pundits would care to admit. What seems to get lost is they got a penalty almost immediately, which was a penalty, then a man advantage, which was absolutely ridiculous.

The days of inexhaustible overdrafts, bank support of a billion pounds, Tax schemes that allowed top wages to be paid and a laptop loyal being able to print lies with impunity died with the Oldco.

Folk like me (and there are many of us) won't bend at the knee, lie down or shut up. If that contributes to Celtic's continuing success, brilliant.

And if it doesn't? Well, it's annoying the right people.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Uncle Francey

Why is it Celtic means so much to you? We all have our own stories and here's mine. Three men in my life gave me the gift of Celtic. My father, James Larkin, one of his best pals Archie Wright and my father's older brother, Francey Larkin.

When  I was told of Francey's passing, my head went into scrambled mode and it remains there still. It's hard to put into words just how big an impact Francey had, not just on me, but Celtic supporters in Edinburgh for the best part of 70 years. He started the first CSC in Edinburgh, along with his father, and acted as standard bearer to every Celtic supporter that encountered him.

Francey had the ability to sprinkle magic dust on me from a very young age. Every time I saw him, that brought me closer to Celtic and I loved that. From an early age, when my auld man couldn't go to the fitba, Francey picked up the slack. The slack being me.  For years I sat in the passenger seat of his van as we sloped through Edinburgh to go from my house in Pennywell to The Centurion in Corstorphine to get the bus to the game.

Francey never missed a game and that meant neither did I which in turn meant more stories than the bible. On the 19th of April, 1980 we were invited to a wedding. Celtic were playing Dundee at Dens Park that day and Francey hatched a plan to drive up after the ceremony, go to the game, then return for the reception. It would be cutting it fine but Francey was a great driver for a man with a glass eye. We missed Roy Aitken scoring after seven minutes but were delighted to get in just as the fans were in celebration mode.

Dundee then scored five without reply.

Let's just say we didn't enjoy the reception that much.

Francey had a big heart and one of a lion. His hands resembled two shovels and many people found to their cost that Francey wasn't the kind of man you messed with. He didn't so much ask you things more command them and one time he came up the bus and told me we were going to Ryries in Haymarket after the game. He had a night out in the town that night and needed to kill an hour. At this time there had been a lot of bus on bus violence between us and the huns. We sat in Ryries and I saw one of the main huns come into the pub, do a quick headcount of the Tims in there and go to the pub payphone. Francey spotted him and said "What's he daeing?" and I told him he was counting the Tims in the pub to probably tell his mates so they could then ambush us. At this point Francey walked over to the guy, still on the phone, and put five fingers up. The guy looked dumbfounded and said "Can I help you mate?" to which Francey replied "Count five for me son" and the guy replied "Why?" and Francey replied "Cause you'll need at least that to take me down"

Francey epitomised everything I thought of as a Celtic supporter. He got respect everywhere and looked after me for years. Since he died, I've done a lot of thinking. I'm at a crossroads with Celtic right now. I love what Neil Lennon is doing with the team but I hate the way club did nothing about the cheating we suffered and the way they think they can play God with The Green Brigade.

I can't forgive that.

I also can't stand the amount of folk who work for Celtic and spend most of the time using the club to feather their own nests. That's a discussion for another day though.

I realised on Saturday, when we celebrated the life of Francey, that he, my auld man and Archie left us through the same place in Warriston Crematorium. I hope that means that they are all together now, having a pint, having a laugh and singing songs.

Francey's party piece was The Belfast Brigade. Every time we came back from Pittodrie he would be on the bus microphone belting it out.

Every single time.

So this one time he gets up and the whole bus is shouting "Here we go again, the Belfast Brigade"

Francey picks up the mic. stares us all down and starts...

"Three blind mice, Three blind mice, see how they run..."

RIP Uncle Francey