Thursday, November 28, 2019

24 hours in the world of fake football

I've had the guts ripped out of me in the last couple of weeks so excuse me whilst I spill the last remnants of them all over this page. It's been a bizarre time recently. When I saw the board clapped into the AGM I realised that not everyone was on the same page as me in terms of thoughts about them. After all, wasn't yesterday the day they ratified their spitefulness towards The Green Brigade and confirmed once and for all that they did sod all about us being cheated for decades.

Did I miss the meeting where everyone was ok with this?

Let's get to The Green Brigade first. I've seen all the "Hang em and flog em" mob on Social Media and can only assume that these paragons of moral virtue have lived their lives without ever being wrong. And let's be clear, whilst I understand pyro is part of ultra culture, I don't like it and don't want to be around it. That being said, I don't want supporters, fellow Celtic supporters remember, banned for it. In terms of the banners,  I love them, encourage free speech and laugh at folk who think politics has nothing to do with football. This is Celtic, our whole reason for being is political.

So, I won't be going tonight. It's a tiny gesture but one I feel I have to make. Oh and just before you say "It's easy to not go tonight" Well, if they are banned for the cup final, I won't go to that either. Remember, if they can ban The Green Brigade, they can sure as fuck ban me or you.

The lack of action on cheating came as no surprise to me. I've had it out with Peter Lawwell, John  Paul Taylor and various others at Celtic and never seen any hint that they wanted to go after the cheats.  In fact, when history is written, I think the sum total of their actions was writing one letter to the SFA. Numerous trophies, countless millions and fond memories, all snatched illegally from  us and our club wrote one letter.

I also think Celtic are complicit in ensuring a hun team plays at Ibrox and I challenge them to prove me wrong.

You know the consequences of this? I'll give you just one of them. Last night BBC Sportsound had a long discussion with and about Dick Advocaat and not once was there a mention that the six trophies he won at Ibrox were all illegal.

I love the team but little else about Celtic right now.  The corporate aspect has gone way too far and the board have gone power mad and the soul is being drained from the club. Funnily enough, exactly like the Tory government does to the countries it runs.

Listen, if you want to just turn up, watch the team and go home again, I salute you, I wish I could do the same.

For me, Celtic was always about more than what happened on the pitch.

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