Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The best things in life are free

As the dust settles on another big sale from the club, minds turn to tonight, Cluj and European progress. I'll be the first to admit that European football, at this time of the year, infuriates me, The mere notion we need to play eight games just to qualify makes a mockery of the "Champions" League. A fair system would see league winners go right in and the also rans have to fight it out in the qualifiers. However, this is football and there's very little fair about it.

I remember being pulled up years ago when we drew Liverpool in the UEFA Cup because I came out with this sentence "And we will make a fortune from these games" To which a mate of mine said "so fucking what?" and he was right. Nowadays, if you tweeted that sentence you'd get more likes than a Kim Kardashian butt shot.

The two words that seem to swamp everything in football now are "profit" and "loss". After the sale of Tierney, Celtic announced the Dunfermline game would be £15 for season ticket holders. Ok, not a lot of money in 2019 but a lot when you consider a season ticket, three strips, a festival and three European games you have to pay for, all in the last two months. I wonder if anyone at Celtic had the thought "Maybe we should cover the costs of this game as a thank you to the fans?" I highly doubt it.

The other aspect of the profit and loss game is the £25m up front we got for Tierney. In my opinion, that's way undervalued. But then, if Celtic were to be believed, Tierney was set on leaving and nothing was going to stop him getting away. In that position, £25m up front is probably quite good. It shocked fans that he would want to move before having a crack at nine and ten but I think we all now know, players don't think like fans no matter what they tell you.

Well, with a couple of exceptions perhaps.

Scott Brown has had numerous offers to leave Celtic and turned down them all. He almost went to Australia in the winter but the lure of his legacy was too strong. Then there is James Forrest, a player with a trophy cabinet bigger than most folk's houses, he's continually expressed his love for Celtic, his desire to be a one club man and constantly espoused how wonderful it is to be a Celtic player. Yet some supporters would walk over hot coals before they would praise him for anything.

It is quite amazing given his contribution to the club that still some feel the need to be won over by him. The reality is, since is debut against Motherwell in May 2010, his contribution to the club has been immense and his next contract will not only ensure his one club man status but a testimonial as well.

Whilst that might make you feel old, it should make you feel proud.

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