Friday, April 19, 2019

Bradley John Welsh

I remember Jackie Stewart talking about George Harrison and saying "I was close to him and had a great relationship with him-but I bet another hundred people could say the same" That thought crossed my mind when I read the outpouring of grief as news filtered through of the passing of Brad Welsh.

To say I was stunned is an understatement. Brad was a force of nature who almost seemed bigger than life. I knew his name before I knew the man. He had a fearsome reputation on the streets of Edinburgh and it was all justified as he said many times himself. He fought over 200 times professionally and knew what he was doing, he wasn't scared of anything.

My first encounter with him was at Easter Road in the 90s. Me and my mate had failed to get tickets for the Celtic end and got tickets for the main stand at Easter Road. Let's just say we didn't exactly behave ourselves when Celtic scored and, unbeknown to us, the CCS top boys were sitting right behind us. Brad was actually peacemaker that day as he found it funny.

I got to know Brad a good few years ago now and found him to be one of the most incredible people I have ever met in my life. The sort of guy who got in touch to ask how you were doing for no other reason than he actually cared how you were doing.

His work with Holyrood Boxing and Helping Hands surprised no one who knew him. He stopped at nothing to achieve his goal and that goal was always the betterment of others.

He had his detractors, yet he never lost focus and I often laughed when folk threatened him online knowing full well Brad could liberate their head from their shoulders any time he felt like it.

He helped me immensely when I was facing the fire and that's something you don't forget, that I will never, ever forget.

Just like Brad really.

*This is dedicated to Emma and Eva.

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