Wednesday, March 27, 2019

71 Charlotte St-Where we are.

The first draft of the script will be finished on Thursday. After that, it will go to the director and executive producers who will have until May 1st to submit notes. The schedule has been stretched out as unforeseen things happened this year with me (a new barrage of threats and moving house, mainly) I've stepped back from all Social Media, bar Twitter, to focus fully on the script.

Unlike the previous three films, this is not a 10-15 grand documentary. This is a script for a feature film that we aim for a budget of around £100k to finance. As said previously, there are no deadlines to fulfil and that will allow us to explore all avenues of film finance except our traditional route of crowdfunding as that is not a route I am willing to go down for this film (if we cannot get the funding we need to make a film, I'd have no qualms whatsoever in turning it into a play)

I've spoken to and seen great actors and parts have been written with them in mind. That's exciting because you can play to their strengths of which there are several.

As for the film itself, it explores identity. Who we are and why we are. As both the writer and someone with a passionate belief in my identity in terms of the culture I come from, I feel this is an important time in history to reinforce that and show a wider audience why it is important to us and that we can never shy away from it.

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