Monday, February 25, 2019

There's only one Jim Traynor

Like a bad penny arcade, Jim Traynor appeared from nowhere last week (fresh from Level 5 disappearing) to launch a tirade against the BBC, Referees and pretty much anyone who attacks the Sevco support. With his usual style of bluster, he reminded everyone that Sevco will not be bullied and will not allow any attacks on them.

I assume in the same style as Rangers (IL) dealt with these detractors, an example being this guy:

"Stop blaming others and stop shaming Scotland"

"The behaviour of a defiant, moronic element among the support is overtly anti-Catholic. It is also against the law."

"The fans who belted out the usual sectarian and bigoted rubbish when Rangers played last month can't be defended. There is no excuse.
They Arra People all right. The people to blame."

Either they are too thick to understand the consequences of their behaviour or just so tainted and steeped in bigotry they don't care about their club."

"Stop pointing fingers at others. Stop singing from the same old sheet. Stop humiliating yourselves and Scotland."

Thank God they have Jim Traynor in there to hit back against these folk who are as happy to attack Sevco as they were the Oldco.

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