Thursday, February 28, 2019

Brendan Rodgers

Tuesday was among the strangest days of my life. I got wind something was happening with the manager on Monday night and had conformation when I got up early on Tuesday morning that he was gone but still I was in a state of disbelief. I felt like I needed a lie down almost immediately after getting up. I knew he wouldn't be here next season but was stunned when he left on Tuesday. No matter the reasons for leaving, the timing is unforgiveable.

I interviewed the guy three times and he always came across a huge Celtic man who loved the club. Then again, I once saw and heard Maurice Johnston sing "Say hello to the Provos". I'm not up for the name-calling and comparisons to reptiles but Brendan Rodgers punctured a hole in his legacy like a point-blank bullet to the stomach and, no matter the machinations, egos and fall outs behind the scenes, all this could have been avoided for the sake of three months and three trophies.

No sooner had he gone, rumours abound that Lenny was taking over again. I was even more shocked by that and said so on Twitter (I deleted the tweet when he was announced because I felt it was stupid to criticise once he had been appointed) but he's the guy in charge now. I'm still shell-shocked by all this. Even last night, seeing Lenny in the away dug out at Tynecastle was surreal. it was eight years ago he was attacked there and only four months ago that he was hit by a coin there yet there is, again, leading a team there. That takes balls.

As for Rodgers, the stuff coming out now has been hard to look at and I must have gone to reply about 100 times before thinking better of it. Amidst all that, there are the bizarre tales that Rodgers told whilst being Celtic manager that are now being exposed as lies. Just adding to the complete madness of the last few days.

So, what now?

In the immediate future, eight in a row must be secured and it would be nice if a treble, treble was secured also. Beyond that, if we secure eight, we all know the focus is going to be on nine and, hopefully, ten in a row,

After that?

I think we will all need a lie down.

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