Friday, January 11, 2019

It's deja vu all over again

As Yoga Berra once said "It's deja vu all over again" A year ago, I went for a few pints in Leith, blissfully unaware of the dark forces working against me. By the time I got home (half cut) I had over 1800 notifications on Twitter due to the fact that The S*n and then The Daily Record had printed a story about me saying I was showing a film about Sevco at Celtic Park. That was a hard week with all sorts of stuff flying towards me, folk crawling out the woodwork to have a go at me and quite a lot of people thinking that I was now a legitimate target.

Fast forward a year and I'm in California, on honeymoon, and the same shit is happening again although this time it is the fault of John Beaton's horrific performance at Ibrox, bettered only in badness by our own. This, and the subsequent statement from Celtic, has lit a flame under my book and film Anyone but Celtic. The thing about it is I love debating my work, it's part of the reason I do it, but I genuinely believe that half the folk who see it for the first time don't actually watch it.

The things I get accused of saying:

1) All Masons hate Celtic.

2) All Referees hate Celtic.

3) Everyone in Lanarkshire is corrupt.

Now, I've never said any of these things but to clarify, here's what I did say

1) The Masons mentioned in ABC hate Celtic

2) The Referees mentioned in ABC hate Celtic.

3) The folk from Lanarkshire mentioned in ABC are corrupt.

That's that.

Now, I want to talk about the people who think they can say or do anything they want to me because I've written books and made films. It's just white noise to me at this point. I'm not a hard man but I know enough hard men to know how intimidation works and I know who is serious and who isn't. Out of all the shite I've had, I'd say six were serious, the latest being this morning.

Now I ask all those make these threats, do I strike you as the sort of person who will lie down? Because although I'm not a hard man, I have many friends who have my back and would be by my side should shit get real.

That's not a threat, that's just a fact.

The other thing is I appreciate all those who say things like "Stay strong" and the like but I can tell you that's not easy when you also have a wife and children to look after. I'd like say Celtic have my back but that's not the case, in all honesty I've been made a pariah by Celtic far from them helping in any way, I honestly think they just wish I would go away.

I'm happy to be proved wrong on that one.

Will I go away? No. However, it is time to focus more on the folk close to me.

However, that does not mean the work ends. Quite the opposite actually.


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