Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Asterisk Years, ABC and Armageddon all free to air

They are out there now, forever and a day.

All three of the films I made are now free to air and can be obtained on my website now right here

There's no catch, they are free. I have put links to the three charities the films supported from the get-go and ask, if you like said film, you could make a small contribution to said charity. That's it.

The charities are:

The Kano Foundation

The Celtic Foundation

Musical Therapy for Children 

Please enjoy the films if you can.

So what now?

After a long think, in terms of writing, it's time I pursued a passion project.

Aye, Jim The Tim, a play set in 1970 based on a story that my auld man was involved in. I'm aiming for an October 2019 premiere. It's something that's been in my mind for 2-3 years now and something I now think it's time to get my teeth into after a few false dawns. I've already set the wheels in motion with some folk and the balls of the first of three acts is now written.

So, until then, enjoy the films, we did three in four years with very little money and a lot of hard work but it was worth every second, believe me.

All are on my website here

Peace, Love and Laughs to all (Bar the pricks we went after)


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