Friday, March 9, 2018

It's your baby now

Today marks the last day I own Armageddon. As the book and film are shot into the world, the thing that took a year of my life to do is now in the ownership of those who see the film and read the book. The obvious analogy is handing over your baby at birth and it is a bit like that (although nowhere near as dramatic) but that's how it works when you create anything and what makes it palatable is that the alternative is no one being there to own it.

It should have been last week of course when Armageddon became Snowmageddon and the premiere had to be put back a week. In the museum of bad years, 2018 has been the Mona Lisa for me.

With these projects, one of the main things you need to arm yourself with is the ability to block out noise. It's not easy, from being splashed in newspapers to being tagged on Twitter in conversations akin to a collective primal scream, you can't let that shit get in your head. Added to that, Scotland is a country that looks at anyone who puts their head above the parapet in the same way the Mugabe regime used to look at people who wore glasses.

The other thing I deal with is crowd-funding part of the projects which just opens you up to accusations of being everything from Charles Ponzi to Bernie Madoff.  Again, it's white noise but some need a reminder anyway. I, personally, put a grand into this film. I also took no fee and given the cost of DVD and book production, plus the premiere and all that entails, I am in a hole right now which has one rope of recovery, people buying the book and DVD. (The moving back of the premiere has also put me in an even bigger hole financially)That's why I pay little attention to anyone who questions my methods because that noise is normally blocked out by the noise of my electricity meter bleeping.

It all sounds a bit too much hassle, right? Wrong. It's fantastic. Nothing good is ever easy. I love doing what I do and have reached the point of being very comfortable in my one writer shoe and other producer shoe. I've worked very hard to get there and always whilst being faced with a kind of sneering snobbery from folk who think the working classes should know their place. Does that inspire me? You bet it does. The people close to me in my life are almost all of a certain type, they couldn't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

What I've tried to do with this story is tell it through a fans gaze. Not just my own, but through many others fans eyes. The S*n claimed that the film was about Rangers (IL) but it's not. It's in three parts, Newco, Oppression and Invincible. I've said that more times than "two lager" in the last year but you'll never convince those who don't want to be convinced. That's one of the important life lessons in this era of social media and some folk actually believing their opinion is more valid than others.

This marks the end of a trilogy of stories from me. The last six years of my life have had more ups and downs than the lift in the Empire State Building and my life has been hindered in many ways but ultimately it's about deeds not words. I've never felt a blog, tweet or status update will change a thing and therefore I've tried make an impact with what I know, first writing and, latterly, producing.

I hope you enjoy Armageddon, I'm now off to therapy.

You can buy the Armageddon book and DVD right here

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