Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The 10 in a row elephant in the room

Tonight is a funny game. I've not seen any of the real build up that you normally associate with a Celtic V Aberdeen game and that worries me a bit. Aberdeen have ended unbeaten records at Celtic Park(and Pittodrie) before in midweek games and our injury situation doesn't help. That said, I still find it remarkable we are still talking about being unbeaten in February. It sort of drip feeds into the big picture: Our domination and can anyone stop us?

Dave King was supposed to do that wasn't he? I remember him talking about 20m, 30m, 50m, his children's inheritance and all that. Cut to today and things aren't really going to plan. Current CE Stewart Robertson has little or no clue what is going on as he is constantly undermined by John Gilligan and his Club 18-30 colleagues. Often he will get phone calls from other people in Scottish football asking him to explain another Ibrox statement and Stewart won't have a clue what the person is talking about. He does know, however, they made a monumental mistake claiming Celtic fans damaged Ibrox and he knows the consequences of that are still to come.

With Sevco's train coming fully off the rails, you just wonder what else certain aspects of Scottish football will try to come up with to stop us getting 10. A clue was given by ex St Mirren owner Stewart Gilmour, one of the most anti-Celtic men in the country, when he launched a personal attack on Peter Lawwell. As the tabloids splashed all over themselves with headlines like "LAWWELL RUNS SCOTTISH FOOTBALL" the devil, as usual, was in the detail. Stewart tried to defend his former club voting against league reconstruction whilst failing to divulge the reason that he gave in the room on the day "It's a Celtic proposal, so we are against it"

Sportsound is the platform for these views to be aired constantly with host Kenny Macintyre asking his hero, Barry Ferguson, on a weekly basis about 10 in a row. Kenny does this to keep the narrative live in the hope that someone, somewhere will come up with the masterplan to stop us,

In that vein, don't be surprised in the near future if you hear a proposal that runs along Heneken Cup terms. Because believe me, there are silly wee men in Scotland currently devising plans like this and others in the hope of an SPFL break up sooner rather than later.

Me? I'm more worried about Aberdeen tonight.

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