Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Asterisk Years-Free to air

The Asterisk Years went free to air on Monday.

You can watch it here 

I always intended to release it this week to counteract, if possible, the propaganda that will come out of the media with regards to The Rangers playing in the top flight for the first time.

The project itself was an incredible experience, good and bad, and one I learned a lot from. I've done a lot of thinking this summer in terms of who I am and what I do. My views have changed in terms of how I conduct myself. In the past, I'd answer back to criticism, spend ages going back and forth with people who hated me. What a fucking waste of time that was. You'll never open a closed mind. From Huns who dehumanise me to mouthy folk who just want to pick at me because I did something they couldn't be arsed trying, I've wasted too much time defending myself and my work from folk will be onto something and someone new in a day or two.

Similarly, I've spread myself too thin trying to please everyone and take on too much stuff. Those days are over. Life is too short. One project at a time and a constant reminder that no good deed goes unpunished...

So now it is full steam ahead on Anyone but Celtic. That's been the vehicle of a constant stream of abuse for over a year now but the film is almost done and the tour is adding dates daily so I'm not really giving two fucks what folk think, the work speaks for itself.

We go into full promo for ABC on Aug 30th with a new trailer.

Until then, watch those handshakes...

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