Monday, March 7, 2016

Anyone but Celtic-Update

It's been a busy time for me and this is the first blog I've done here for a long time. I used to be a writer who did other stuff too, now I am a producer who also writes. A weird combination. Part of that is circumstance, the book game is getting harder for lots of reasons. Specific to me is the last two books I've written, no one wants to touch them with a barge pole publicly. I see other writers who use any tenuous link to their subject matter to promote their stuff but that's not my style. In fact, my promotion consists of podcasts, three tweets in a row at certain times of the week and posts on Facebook. Unlike almost all other Celtic writers, my stuff doesn't get sold Celtic shops and has never been promoted on any official club channels outside my buddy JPT.

I'm not whinging about this. I've became so used to it that I never expect it. Even with my new book 'Celtic Shorts' which is a really non-controversial book of short stories with all profits going to The Kano Foundation, no one is banging down the door to promote it, ask about it or even retweet it. It's a funny thing now but there are folk out there who see themselves as "in the game" and therefore will not touch anything by anyone they perceive not to be on their "team". An example of that is the most common misconception I hear about The Asterisk Years (Film) is that all these bloggers and prominent Celtic folk helped me. The reality is, none of them have even mentioned the film to me.

So with that and Anyone but Celtic it's a small core of people around me who haven't changed. They help me and come on tour with me and stay tight and that's what helps us do all this stuff.

What this means though is barely any time can go into promoting the books. Funny thing is, I have a novel out in July and when that is finished, I have no new project on the horizon is which is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because it's a huge part of why I became a producer. The first thing about being a producer is you are responsible for pretty much everything in a film. What does that mean for me with ABC then? Well, it meant I had to raise the entire budget at the film (A budget that was agreed with the director at the Celtic Park showing of The Asterisk Years) That isn't an easy task and so you have to come up with many ways of raising the cash.

Every penny I raised was instantly transferred to the director. When I say instantly, I mean it would come in through paypal and then I would withdraw it and then transfer to his bank account. The only time a single penny of it was in my hands was when someone gave me £100 at a game in January.

Then there is the cast. You've seen them now. Only one of them was cast on looks and it wasn't Melissa! The other two are caricatures of the people they are playing and so that had to be developed over a while and you're essentially in constant dialogue with them.

Then you have to get all the locations the director wants, the facilities he needs and the people he wants to speak to.  Thankfully the success of The Asterisk Years has meant that has been easier than it normally would be.

This all leads to the first trailer. Well, that had an impact and then some. At the minute 23.8k people have watched it in some 92 countries (How do you get your head round 15 people in Vietnam watching it or four people in Uganda?) but with that comes abuse. In the last six days there has probably been about 12 death threats, hundreds of pieces of abuse and lots of folk trying to ridicule.

Second time round you kindae get used to it.

So where are we now? Well, late last night, after lots of dialogue, we set upon a couple of filming dates where we hope to get the vast bulk of the film done. We have several locations and lots of people involved but it can be done.

After that, it will just be my own stuff to do and then the film will go to edit.

ThenI'll go to bed and check the retweets.

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