Monday, September 28, 2015

The Asterisk Years available to download on Oct 1st

The subject says it all really.

The Asterisk Years will be available to download from here on Thursday October 1st.

The only caveat will be that before you get the link, you'll need to make a donation to The Kano Foundation first.

If you invested in the film you are entitled to the link for free.

October 1st marks the end of a journey that started almost three years ago when the source first got in touch (always tickles me that someone on a message board said it was an "imaginary source" I can only assume it was to go with the poster's imaginary brain) and then the book began to take shape and nothing was ever the same again for me after that.

The film itself had a few ground rules. We knew the type of audience was going to primarily pub and club goers so we didn't want to stretch it beyond 40 minutes. This worked really well on tour as it was just about the limit you could ask folk not to go for a pint or a piss whilst the film was on (Richard Swan was particularly good at enforcing this). The next rule was, like any story, it would have three acts and stick to the narrative. The last rule was to find the balance between those who were dialled into the whole subject and those who had no clue about it. I think that was done very well.

We now shoot the film out of our cannon and into the world. We are proud of it, not least because it raised £15,000 for charity, but because it is good. Also, out of the numerous times I've seen it, I've only spotted one mistake ("Ronald De Boer" written twice) and no one ever mentioned that anywhere haha.

We hope this does well for The Kano Foundation and we hope it reminds you who the real perpetrator of everything Rangers was.

Now we move onto 'Anyone but Celtic' another film we hope crowdfund (see link)
'Anyone but Celtic'

This film will be different to The Asterisk Years in many ways but it comes down to the same principle, pulling back the curtain on another organisation who cheated Celtic with impunity.

Fundraising for that closes on Mar 31st.

For now though, we bring the curtain down on The Asterisk Years as a project and if there was one personal highlight for me it had to be when 400 people at Celtic Park did a huddle and chanted "We Still Won"

That was Paradise.

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