Monday, September 21, 2015

Punish David Cameron, Protect Craig Whyte

Huns, Tories, Lords and Spin Doctors all with their noses in the same trough?

Apparently so.

The author of the book currently at the epicentre of the #Piggate storm, Isabel Oakeshott. is the same person who sent a message to Jack Irvine tipping him off about the press snooping around Craig Whyte, prior to his takeover of Rangers (IL)

The Sunday Mail were on to something in November 2010, however Isabel (who wrote a Craig Whyte story back in the 90s), gave Jack the nod that the Sunday Mail were keen on getting further details from her regarding Whyte's past.  Cue panic within, but hey, Isabel seems not to want secrets out... and kindly deflected the paper away.

Funny old world.

Wonder what happened as result? The swines.

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