Monday, August 10, 2015

The Spinners

It was inevitable in the world of PR and spin we live in in Scottish football that when someone broke from the norm to actually say something newsworthy the media and their pals would adopt faux frenzy mode. Let's address the John Collins comments first. Yeah, pretty stupid to say out loud. It's hard to complain about no competition when you've recently signed one of your rival's three best players. It also is disrespectful not just to your opposition but to your own players who are out there fighting for the cause in every game.

With that being said, like a street performer loves Edinburgh in August, the klaxon sounds and The Spinners all come out to tune up their Twitter accounts and assemble the kind of concerto that would make the 'Go Compare' guy seem like Placido Domingo.

Why are we afraid of telling the truth in Scottish football?

You've only got to listen to Sportsound or tune into Sportscene on a Sunday night to hear a bunch of soundbites and platitudes normally reserved for a party poltical conference. Last night was no exception on Sportscene, with Stuart McCall treating the gig like a job interview, it was left to Mark "Willo" Wilson to provide the insight. One of his gems was about Charlie Telfer of Dundee Utd who he was glowing about. Yet ask any Dundee Utd fan and they will tell you he has been a massive disappointment. Simple research. If that wasn't bad enough, he then went onto say Sevco will win the championship by "15-20 points" based on what Mark? I'm sure we would all like to know? But no, it's the party line so it's not challenged by Jonathan Sutherland who, let's face it, hasn't paid into a football match in his life. I was actually only hanging around waiting for them to talk about the other thing I've seen fans react to this weekend, the bizarre penalty from Steven Thompson at Ibrox. With "Thommo" being a Sportscene regular, I awaited what I thought would be good TV as his mates dissected his technique.

Not a single mention.

Then we have the continuing columns from journalists in newspapers which should just be amalgamated to one daily front page that says "WE WON'T BE HAPPY UNTIL SEVCO COME UP"

All this came on the back of the drowning Sportsound programme last week where, not for the first time, we had a dick measuring contest from The Sevco Spinners.  Rather than talk about the huge European games coming up that week, or analysing the opening weekend of the league season in the top flight, we were treated to a Jeremy Kyle show on the radio.

All this is all the more stupid because more or less everyone in Scotland loves football and they aren't stupid.

The rise of fan media has in part came because of the amount of PR work that goes on disguised as journalism and punditry.

Yet, like most teams being out of Europe before the schools go back, nothing will change.

*Speaking of fan media, a wonderful new app has appeared. @celticnewsnow (as well as providing a brilliant Twitter and Email service) now has an app which can be downloaded for free from the usual outlets, now. You'll never need a newspaper again.

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