Monday, July 27, 2015

The Asterisk Years available to download from October 1st

So last night I okayed an online cut of The Asterisk Years. A website is currently being built that will enable anyone to download it once they have made a donation to The Kano Foundation.

The website will go live on October 1st.

Investors in the film will be able to download it free on request.

There have only been a few minor tweaks from the cinematic version, namely at the end where we have protected the brilliant song "We Still Won" by Joe McKenna (So go and download it on iTunes immediately!) and we also dedicated the film to the person who inspired the entire project.

The Asterisk Years project itself was an incredible experience with ups and downs, thrills and chills and even some dungeons and dragons.

However, a line must be drawn somewhere and that line comes on October 1st with the launch of the online cut and the last bit of chat, from us, about the project.

It's time to move on and we move on with Anyone but Celtic the book of which can be pre-ordered on Kindle from August 1st and from Lulu on August 21st.

The film of Anyone but Celtic is currently in pre-production and we will go wide with information on that from October 2nd.

We shall return...

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