Sunday, April 26, 2015

Anyone but Celtic 1.0

So the PR campaign over the last few weeks has been great, right? I often get tweets along the lines of me being some sort of master manipulator, a Frank Underwood type, who somehow is able to make things happen in Scottish society at the same time I am publicising a project about said same subject. Alas, there are no such dark arts going on just merely topics that are a certainty to keep delivering as regular as the postman.

Right now I am balls deep in a new book that looks at the culture in Scotland which breeds an 'Anyone but Celtic' mentality. Between story and narrative we will go inside an organisation which has a recruitment policy designed to ensure anyone but Celtic win football matches in Scotland.

A lot of anecdotes will be laced through the book to further emphasise the culture in Scotland that allows such a policy to not only go unchallenged but positively thrive.

This is, I guess, part two of The Asterisk Years in that the topic is cheating again. Unlike The Asterisk Years there will be no real autobiographical or comparsion element which will delight those who, if they ever did write a book, would never do that.

Again, all this book is down to a great source. I took a lot of flak for not revealing the source of The Asterisk Years, something that mystifies me as much as Chinese writing. Similarly, because I went to the former house and office of David Murray this infuriated the likes of Keith Jackson of the Daily Record for reasons that are as obvious as that handball last week. Well, sorry Keith, I've already been to the houses of the main protagonists in this one.

The hardest part of any project is the discipline. Day after day in front of the metaphorical pottery wheel shaping your creation the best you can, which is why I applaud anyone who manages to finish a book save for J.K Rowling. I'm about two thirds done with this book, primarily because I wrote a lot in Australia, something which quite a few thought I was only saying for show, if only...

Of course, this will be a film too and shooting starts a year from now, God willing.  A script is being written alongside the book and locations have already been scouted.

For now though, it's all about the book. There will be a launch in September and, for the first time ever, it won't be in Glasgow. Nor Edinburgh for that matter either.

Right now though, I'm off to ensure a sending off for nothing today...

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