Thursday, July 17, 2014

One for the Accountants out there

I'm not a numbers guy. So I am left with no clue about this kind of stuff. Which is why I thought I'd put this out there for all number bods and bodettes. It looks to me that this was a business that was being projected to be liquidated way, way before it was? Maybe this is why Project Charlotte came about? But then what do I know?

Well I know that it was Duff and Phelps who did these forecasts back in September 2011.

Pick away.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Operation:Clear Murray is underway

Let me first say there are a limited amount of Asterisk Years premiere tickets available. It is being shown in Glasgow, November 15th, 2pm. Tickets are £21 which include a complimentary bar and can be purchased via paypal to

So already we have the press punting the ludicrous notion that Craig Whyte killed Rangers. He duped David Murray. As I've told anyone who would listen that is the equivalent of Rodney Trotter duping Del Boy.

The questions the fans and press need to ask themselves are:

Why did David Murray dismiss all other interested parties in favour of Whyte?

Why was David Murray in constant contact with Whyte well after the "sale"?

How was Craig Whyte able to get so much money into the club in loans after "taking over" ?

How come if Craig Whyte really is the big bad guy, he's swanning around Mayfair, attending Prince after show parties and ensuring Gordon Ramsay will never be skint?


The Asterisk Years can and will prove all this.

If anyone at the Daily Record reads this, we don't want money or accreditation for the photo, please highlight @invisiblesthe instead. Ta.