Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Asterisk Years Tour-FAQ

Are these the only places that the film is going to?

No. These are merely the first dates. Talks are ongoing with venues all over the world and more dates will be added.

Why isn't the film coming to where I am?

Because you haven't invited us!

Ok, I want you to come to me, how do I go about it?

Just ask us. It really is that simple.

What equipment would I need?

A laptop and a big screen/TV is the bare minimum.

Ok, does the venue need to be huge?

Absolutely not. Big or small, all things are considered.

How much will it cost?

We do deals based on the number of people that will be in your venue. We will ALWAYS try to ensure that your pub, club or CSC does well.

What else do we get?

I am happy to introduce the film and to do Q&A afterwards. I don't have to though.

Ok, you've convinced me, how do I get in touch? or @paullarkin74 on Twitter

You haven't convinced me, I hope it fails.

We're not running a popularity contest.

One last thing, where is the Premiere and how do I get tickets?

It's in Glasgow at 2pm on Sat November 15th. The venue is not being released just now for obvious reasons. Tickets are limited and on sale from July 11th. Join "Paul Larkin Books" on Facebook or the mailing list at


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