Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rangers weren't the only ones to issue side letters

So you all know about the five way agreement that allowed Sevco to join the Scottish Football League? As scandalous as that was, above is the secret side letter that Neil Doncaster gave to Sevco to assure them they had nothing to worry about then or in the future.

The huge emphasis put on the contents being kept private was all from Doncaster and make his utterances about a "full and frank investigation" into the EBT scheme by the SPL seem pretty hollow given he is guilty of a very similar way of business.

Neil is a master at talking plenty but saying very little normally but he seems quite clear here that Sevco under no circumstances were to disclose the contents of the letter unless required to by law.

Except how would they be required to by law if no one knew about it?

One for you to answer, Neil.

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