Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action.

The main filming of The Asterisk Years documentary began this week.  There had been little pockets of filming here and there but this is the stuff that's on a clock and costs money. It meant the usual pre-match tension was around on Sunday as worries about weather, locations and any other kind of potential obstacle were never far from the mind.

An early start on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was called for as was a veil of secrecy not to mention one eye on any potential troublesome passers by. We don't have the budget for security teams and trailers therefore it required a hardy band to do six jobs each whilst the professional Director of Photography got on with the job of filming what needed to be filmed.

A lot of this has to be done against a backdrop of threats, sniping and criticism and it is important to keep everyone happy and creative throughout. Added to the fact that we have the sort of budget that Kevin Smith would sneer at so tension can occasionally be high.

With that being said, it was really good week, save for one train cancellation derailing an interviewee, and the producer seems happy. Said producer is the brain behind this project. He is the guy with a wealth of documentary experience behind him and his advice, cajoling and talent are a major part of why we are where we are right now.

Similarly, the company we hired to the filming and sound are relatively new kids on the block but when you're doing a film that in part deals with certain people getting countless opportunities whilst are others are denied them constantly, it wouldn't seem right not hand out an opportunity when we can. Thankfully our faith was rewarded as the stuff that was filmed captured the exact look we wanted.

Clearly we have had to keep things pretty confidential and not disclose things like locations and the like but we have no problems disclosing the next one which is Celtic Park on Sun April 27th.

Full details can be found here

In the meantime, we crossed three huge hurdles this week.

There are three more to go.

The fact that we are halfway there, is down to you.

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