Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Asterisk Years Documentary-Where we are

We are balls deep in the documentary (I'd say "baw deep" but Dr J has that copyrighted) and an overview of where we are, what we are doing and what the future is.

We first of all have to ensure as much secrecy as possible in this due to the subject matter. Whilst the audio book was a twist on the paperback with a few extras, the documentary will be a huge leap from both. First of all, there will be very little of my own story in it. I'd say this will please some folk but then would they watch it anyway! This will be a narrative that relates to Celtic, The Edinburgh Establishment and where the paths crossed. Laced in with that will be some illustration of that, some horrors and a few more smoking guns. Sprinkled on top will the Celtic fans, adding light and love with their own brand of humour and talent. You'll hear them and see them and, hopefully, be entertained by them.

Whilst some exploratory filming has taken place, we are very much in the pre-production phase just now. In two weeks I have a meeting with the producer who has a wealth of documentary experience and a degree in realism which contrasts well with an idealist like me. As of this week, communication is going out to the people we want to interview for this documentary and those interviews will take place in March.

We advertised for them on Saturday and the response has been incredible. You can see the investment options here www.theasteriskyears.com They are ensuring that we can do more than we first wanted and already stuff like recording equipment, cameras, tripods, microphones and computer equipment has been purchased. All this will be documented to the investors from March 1st. We are open for investors until February 28th. We must stress now that we DO NOT want money you do not have. Only go for it if you can afford it. (If only Murray had...)

The avenues of information will be this blog, the "Paul Larkin Books" group on Facebook, the mailing list at www.theasteriskyears.com and the @asteriskyears twitter. I will not clog up my personal twitter/facebook with stuff about the documentary that some folk may not be interested in so stick to these avenues and you'll not miss out on anything.

This is a huge project but it's becoming a reality more and more and don't underestimate the life and soul that your support brings. Without it, we are nothing.

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