Saturday, November 23, 2013

Edinburgh launch of The Asterisk Years

Sunday afternoon in Edinburgh will see another little launch of The Asterisk Years as Phase 1 of the project nears completion. A trip to Larne awaits on Friday but the gig on Sunday was set up primarily for a more sedate look at the story in smaller surroundings with the opportunity for folk to get more in depth on the issues.

Rumours that it is merely a piss up but closer to my house are, well, hurtful...haha.

Seriously though, I have done something like this before in June, 20-30 people in Edinburgh, less intense than an actual book launch and a chance to get up close and personal with people. As the actress said to the bishop. I like that kind of situation as it allows you to properly explain stuff away from the sort of manic mayhem that comes with the Glasgow launch of a book which, whilst always fantastic, can often leave folk with a sore head and blank expression when coming to thinking about what they actually launched the night before.

It will be hosted by Graham Wilson, he of Beyond The Waves infamy, who at this minute is on European soil and trying to explain to me why his case is of Sex and The City proportions for a four day trip.

There will be a recording done for a pod and some audience participation as well. There will also be some new information put out for the first time relating directly to David Murray.

What humbles me is the fact that some folk are travelling fair distances to come to it as the reason I do small ones in Edinburgh is I never expect anyone outside of Edinburgh to want to come.

So, that's the pitch, there are about four or five who have pulled out this week which means there are some places there if you afternoon in the capital so get in touch with me @paullarkin74 .

It will be worth it alone to see Graham's jacket.

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