Thursday, November 14, 2013

A match made in hell

The Asterisk Years has been a massive success. I say that to get under the skin of the haters willing it to fail. I was made aware last week that book made it into the hands of some of the folk mentioned in it. I know from information today that they tried twice to get the book stopped from being sold.

They failed.

Many of you will be aware of the threats that came my way and to my eldest son. I didn't take the police route and got folk I trust to investigate. We now know who one of the people making threats was and are about 99% sure on the other. I sat down and discussed all this with a good friend last night and we both sat in disbelief as the names were revealed, one prominent name on Twitter, another who would love to be. Individually they have tried to do anything and everything to stop folk buying this book.

They failed.

A common tactic these days when trying to undermine anyone or anything is sniping. Primarily the reason for that is the inability to behave in the same way in real life as they can online. Some people hate you personally, some hate what you do, some just anyone who tries to do anything. It would get me down if it were not for the stories of car loads of comrades being organised for the Edinburgh launch or indeed the widely held opinions on the snipers that I read and hear, unprompted. Divide and conquer is the snipers game.

They failed.

I cannot thank folk enough for the level of support I have received with this book and project which, by the way, still has two phases to go.

In the meantime I will have my two sons with for a few days now. Able to happen because of an army that stepped forward in my hour of need and because our collective ability to isolate the haters.

No better family in the world than a Celtic one.

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