Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vote Thomas Rannachan

With depressing regularity, we were reminded today again of the absolute lunacy of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act (Scotland) 2012.

The harassment of a particular culture goes on and comes at a time when Scotland has entered a 12 months that will be the most important in its history.

I have been harassed many times in my life for supporting Celtic, or being a Republican, the former you get used to(up until 2012 that is), the latter was worse for the sinister nature but better for the comradeship around it. I remember going to the funeral of Tom Williams in January 2000 with a few folk and us all being told at Troon that the ferry was full. Next thing the police were on site to enforce the decision.

Or so they thought.

I know that a member of our party phoned Richard McCauley of Sinn Fein who in turn phoned Peter Mandelson and before you could say "Ship Ahoy" we were on the boat.

Amazing what a little bit of power can do.

In Scotland, we very rarely get a chance to vote for what we believe in but tomorrow the people of Govan get that chance. In Thomas Rannachan there stands a candidate who has a clear policy, he wants to get rid of the awful Offensive Behaviour Act and stop the madness of people being dragged from their homes for singing songs about people that no one, not the politicians nor the police, could get close to in terms of their commitment to their beliefs and what they were prepared to give for their cause.

Tomorrow the people of Govan can send out a clear message that will not stand for the powers of the state being administered in this way.

To have power and authority, you need legitimacy and there is nothing legitimate about this act.

Vote Thomas Rannachan.

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