Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Asterisk Years-Pre Order Link

Well, there I was having a much needed break and the pre order link became available. I was told it would be on Sunday but it was softened  by the 20% discount attached.

This is the link:

This is the code for 20% off: PUMPKINS

Since then it's been a tidal wave of folk buying it, offering support and congratulations (with the occasional snipe but then Twitter wouldn't be Twitter without it) One day soon I am going to do a blog and name all the people who have helped me in this, with the exception of one person of course..., but for now the aim is to get the story out there.

That's where you come into it.

The Kindle release will be on Halloween but for now, who doesn't want a copy of vindication on their book shelf?

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