Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Asterisk Years-For Kindle

So there I am, giving it the big "I am" saying to the three people on Twitter who care that my day will be spent walking (to the Forth Road Bridge and back) reading (Morrissey's new book) and settling down tonight to watch my favourite show (Love/Hate) and I get an email this morning saying I have received 100 clicks on Amazon (I thought they were a letter wrong and I had only ordered one) but what it meant was that the process of The Asterisk Years being available on Kindle has now begun so it could be live as early as tonight.

I'm happy about that as I know we live in an instant world and if I had my way everyone interested in the book would be able to read it right away. I have even said to myself that if I make any money out of this, I will in fact buy myself a Kindle (hopefully before Electricity becomes like Davy Jones Locker)

So I still intend to walk(just not to a wifi-less South Queensferry...) and read (Still Morrissey but maybe after Animal Farm) and I'm still watching Love/Hate.

You're probably wondering why you are reading this, I know, I'll go.

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