Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Asterisk Years-A countdown

Been a busy few months getting stuff ready for the new book coming out and although visits to hospitals and doctors are never fun, not drinking and having a clear head has definitely helped (I knew there was method in my previous binge drinking)

One of the different things this time has been the level of interest pre to release. My biggest selling book by miles didn't have any interest at all until it came out, then it grew a bit and folk seemed to relate to the tales in the book and it may, just may, have now reached cult status which is a letter change away from how I'm viewed in other circles.

This has meant organising lots of stockists and ensuring there is a plentiful supply for the launches in Glasgow (where everyone who has bought a ticket, gets a book), Dublin on November 9th, Edinburgh on Nov 24th and then the Q&A I am doing in Larne on November 29th. Then there is ensuring Calton Books in Glasgow, Word Power in Edinburgh, The Winding Stair in Dublin and Prime Cuts in The Bronx are supplied. And they will be.

So the last few weeks I've felt a bit like Julian Assange (You'll get that if you know the story of his "organisation")

That said, plenty people help out behind the scenes and I couldn't begin to do any of this without help from the likes of Colette McCann, Steph O'Neil, Conor Fallon, Darren Horgan, Chas Duffy, Graham Wilson and Sam McLeod. As well as the volume of others that I will devote an entire blog to soon.

Of course, I'm now entering book launch time and that brings its own stress normally but now x3, FFS.

I was talking to a friend this week about book launches and gave him a sort of "warts and all" guide to them. I'll spare you a lot of my ranting and show you a wee insight into the ones I've had so far:

I had a woman say I mouthed "I love you" to her whilst on stage (I didn't)
I had someone tell folk that the one night led to everyone smashing the place up (It didn't)
Had various offers of casual sex, including one from a male (Never took any)
Had one group try to seize control of the running of a BL two days before it happened (They got telt)
Had one guy storm out because there was no buffet then tell folk I had charged a tenner and there was no buffet(There was no charge) 
At every book launch I get someone telling me that they could have written the book
At every book launch I get someone telling me they did write the book
At every book launch I get someone telling me I am God (in one shape or form)
At every book launch I will get a snide comment from someone who thinks they are too smart for me.

With that being said, I still love them and the people that show up are my extended family. Without them, I am fuckall.

There are a few books either with folk or about to be with folk soon for review and talks of newspaper interviews both here and in Ireland which is nice. Not The View is also doing a big thing on it and there will be stuff in The Alternative View as well.

One stockist got in touch this week which was a shock to me, more of that next week.

So the schedule(which will probably change 30 times) from now until Dec is:

Oct 12th-Interview with Beyond The Waves Celtic Show, 3pm CPT
Oct 13th-19th On a family break (much fecking needed)
Oct 20th-Pre order link released on @asteriskyears and "Paul Larkin Books" on Facebook.
Nov 1st-General release on and The Kindle Store.
Nov 2nd-Book available in Calton Books in Glasgow, Word Power,Edinburgh.
Nov 2nd-Glasgow launch of The Asterisk Years
Nov 9th-Book available in The Winding Stair in Dublin
Nov 9th-Dublin launch of The Asterisk Years
Nov 24th-Edinburgh launch of The Asterisk Years
Nov 29th-Q&A in Larne

If you want to add to that schedule, please do get in touch @paullarkin74 Similarly if you're sick of it all, use the same for abuse.


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