Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stand up for the cause

In the week of yet another survey, this time telling us that Celtic supporters are the 3rd best on the planet, it made me think that, as well as how on earth do they do these things, what constitutes the make up of a Celtic supporter?

On a blog for Hail Hail Media last week I got a lot of stick for saying the only thing that bothered me about Champions League games was the folk who turned up late, lost and liquored. Folk told me that I was saying I was a better fan than others, my ego was out of control and so on. It made me think, do we all have the same expectations of Celtic supporters? Looking the initiative at Firhill today, that kind of thing ties in with my own expectations. Now I am one of the militant types who will argue all day that is beyond belief that in 2013, in the 7th richest country in the world, we have food banks.

That won't feed anyone though.

So a hardy band took to the streets of Maryhill today and collected enough food to keep Maryhill food bank supplied until March. Not only is that truly magnificent but I'm willing to bet the folk who did that fan survey didn't know anything about that or we certainly would not have only been 3rd.

I was talking today to someone who I have a lot of time for who is a bit disillusioned with the club and some of the support as well, It made me think about who Celtic are and what do we stand for? Yes, charity is in our roots but so is a rebel heart. "More than a football club" is bandied about like a Guy any time Celtic need a penny but what do we actually mean? I hope part of it means standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow supporter and that my disillusioned friend is made aware of that as more and more people around him find out that he's down right now.

I know that kind of support helps because bhoy have I needed it this week. Many of you will know of the threats I received this week, par for the course, but the medium they came through tipped the scales in a way where I thought of chucking all social media for good. At times like that you are at the bottom of a hole yet when you look up there are lots of people reaching down to pull you back up.

The importance of that can never be over-egged.

The cause of Celtic may be one that is different for a lot of us yet the common denominator, deep down, is that we all care. That's what defeats the apathy, the knockers and begrudgers. Having people around you who say "I know, I'm here" is the best example of the Celtic support I've experienced. It's not about attending games, buying strips or followers on Twitter.

It's about standing beside your fellow Tim and reminding them why they fell in love in the first place.

And that the cause is worth standing up for.

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