Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finding Minty-Part 1

So, today marks the start of a strange long weekend for me. Let me explain why, the new book I have out on Nov 6th, The Asterisk Years-The Edinburgh Establishment v Celtic, came about because of a source. I outline in the book the whole story behind the source getting in touch and so on but the last stop of the book was the source, let's call him Bob, coming to Edinburgh and looking over a finished copy, hopefully being happy with it.

That all changed this week.

Bob got in touch and suggested I come to him. Two main problems with that, I'm not exactly sure where he stays other than "Central Europe" and, secondly, I am not a man with the kind of means who can just hot-foot it to Europe at the drop my flat cap. "No problem, I'm paying for everything" was Bob's response.

An hour later a boarding pass arrived in my email with a flight to Frankfurt booked for today.

Now, if you're like me, you probably would be a tad alarmed by this as this kind of shit doesn't happen to folk like me. It was a mixture of excitement and suspicion I received the email but laced with the fact that I know I have to go.

Bob has told me the following:

-I'll be away til late Monday

-A flight back has also been booked but not from Frankfurt

-A guest suite has been prepared for me for Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun

-I'll be attending a football match

-I'll see our game at Aberdeen (He read my mind)

-I won't put my hand in my pocket the whole time

I've got a beard but hopefully the similarity with Terry Waite ends there.

I asked Bob if I could blog my trip daily and he said that was fine (Part interest/Part rallying call for help option for me)

Bob told me he wanted to give more insights into the stuff he told me about The Edinburgh Establishment, the figures involved and, of course, Celtic.

You'll read a lot more about Bob and his background in the book (Hopefully enough to find him should I disappear this weekend) and I'll hopefully be able to add some more stuff on the blogs as, whisper it, the book is done whether he likes it or not.

So my passport is ready, boarding card to hand and butterflies aplenty are fluttering in my stomach.

Hopefully the next time you hear from me (Which we agreed would be Friday night), I'll be much more relaxed and speaking from a position of strength.

Either that or I'll be sending out the Bat signal for Tommy and The Parrot to assemble the Fenian Defence League.

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