Monday, August 26, 2013

Allow us to all #BeCeltic

The last few weeks have seen the Celtic support as divided as they have been in a long time. This will please many people but saddens anyone who cares about the club and everything around it. It was summed up to me when a friend in New York said to me "I've never known a club have so many fans vehemently defend the front office" That's the board to you and me.  It is a strange one to me I must admit. In Gary Nevillie's book he talks about the Glazers and mentions the fact that as long as he had been a Man Utd fan then the fans had not liked the board. First Louis Edwards then his son Martin had a real mistrust from the fans and then of course the support did everything they could to stop the Glazer takeover after successfully stopping Rupert Murdoch in 1999.

I always thought that making the board at any football club accountable was part of the job of a football fan.

This to me is what is creating the division at Celtic right now and it's at the point where a lot of people are completely and utterly fed up with it. Now, if we can discard with the extremes of both sides of the debate, from those who label anyone with a good word to say about Celtic a "sell out" (or variation of) to those start each day with a "What's the word today Peter?" email, these people will never change because they are dug in so far now they can't even remember where they came from in the first place.

It has to be said that a lot of people, both sides, have forgotten what Celtic are all about or at least should be.

The primary objective for Celtic is to put the ball in the net more times than the opposition they face. I think everyone will agree with that.

After that is where it gets messy.

I believe (and this is the number one thing I get abuse for) that after that objective the next one of Celtic should be to be the beacon of hope for the community in the east end of Glasgow and strive to spread that ethos as far and wide as possible. We ourselves should be the ones that are the positive change in the lives of the community that surround us,as was our intention 126 years ago.

Now, I know that statement is contentious. For every one of you nodding, there is someone totally disagreeing and saying "It's 2013, we are a PLC now, you need to move with the times".

Well, that's how I feel about it and I don't think Celtic are doing it but do feel right now we will never have a better chance to do it.

I am someone who believes passionately in the thought you don't need loads of time and dozens of meetings to make change, with the right will and the same amount of passion it could change today.

What holds us back in my view is that many supporters, especially right now, feel like they are banging their head off a brick wall with Celtic and the club must recognise this.

The appointment of John Paul Taylor was a good one but I think he would be first to admit that the sheer size of the task he faces is enormous.

The other thing that has been forgotten by many is that we are all Celtic supporters. I'd like to think that although I strongly disagree with other fans on varying subjects regarding Celtic, I haven't resorted to the sort of personal abuse I've seen flying at others and have encountered myself. I never used to be like that mind, ten years ago I'd have wanted to square go anyone after that sort of debate but even radges mature.

My point is that as fans we have a duty to be supporters of the team as best we can but also protectors of what we are and where we came from.

Celtic must understand that we are all on the same level and that there cannot be any re-birth of the culture of entitlement that was prevalent twenty years ago and plenty would be aghast at the notion of it not continuing.

The club is still owned by the fans and whilst that is vitally important, it's not owned by anyone more than anyone else.

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