Sunday, July 21, 2013

Songs, Smoke and Sevco

As Celtic start to click in to gear on the park, and off it the club enjoys its healthiest position ever, you always find that the last conformation needed is when the spin from Sevco becomes so nonsensical that even Andy Coulson would frown on it.

You have to wonder about the mindset of people who, upon hearing that a bus has been fire-bombed, go hell for leather to find any connection to Celtic fans so yet another campaign of whataboutery can go into full swing. In a timeline that includes showcasing said bus, said bus being torched and Ally McCoist commenting on it from a pre season tour, whilst none of those things may have any connection at all, then surely these Super Sevco Sleuths are at that "Just one more thing" stage that Columbo used to revel in.

But no.

Instead they are tuned into radios pretending to hear songs about Lee Rigby and demanding UEFA shut down Celtic immediately. Clearly there were a few idiots at Brentford (I've yet to go anywhere in my entire life where I didn't encounter idiots), by the look of things a combination of the heat and the drink getting one or two excited and if they get chucked out, they have no one to blame but themselves but the mass huddle, the atmosphere created and the huge wedge made by Brentford will ensure an invite back next year, you can count on that.

These are desperate times at Sevco.

The transfer kitty for McCoist has evaporated, the continued programme of redundancy goes on and Charlotte Fakeover revelations act as a constant reminder of how things are run down Edminston Drive.

Throw in the serious plummet in share price and the millions being shaved off the value of the company and you know it's only a matter of time before things go slightly turbo at the Sports Socks Arena.

And when they do you can bet, in their eyes, Celtic fans will be to blame.

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