Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Opinion:Celtic need to think again and so do we

One thing a few of you will know is that I am trying to turn my life around. The stress I have underwent in the last five years has taken its toll on my health and it is a big wake up call. I've no been drinking, have given up the smokes for good and am trying to watch what I eat whilst exercising more. Hopefully it can make me physically better.

Mentally, who knows? I am prone to the odd rant and have been trying for a calmer outlook on life. Thing is, one thing that winds me up more and more is people who don't have an opinion on anything. The amount of safe "please don't be offended by me" pish you need to wade through on Twitter these days is turning it into a sewing bee(that's no dig at women btw, most of the best tweeters these days are women) but we are at the point where it's "Good luck to St Johnstone" or "Strange one with Bangura, eh?" or the relentless frenzy of folk who read one tweet and within in an hour transfers have collapsed/bids are accepted/rejected/denied and so on. Point being, hard to keep calm.

Abuse button? Go ahead but make sure you give all a big paddle to wade through this shit too.

My big peev is this, whilst all this is going on, the real issues are getting buried and here are the two biggest ones I think that have not been highlighted:

The first is the cost of a ticket for tonight. £20 for a season ticket holder, £22 for a non season ticket holder. To some that's a drop in the ocean, to others, a serious commitment. You will have seen the horrific zero hours contracts that were ratified this week, you will note that the east end of Glasgow has 43% of its children living in extreme poverty and you will see that Celtic have had to close part of the Lisbon Lions Upper. Now as far as I can see, that should mean a re-think of match ticket pricing. I know the season ticket cost came down by £100, it had to, and articles moaning about a £4m loss because of it are not required because it's not relevant given that you'd be losing a lot more than £4m had the prices not come down.

So I complained to Celtic. I said that this is a qualifier before a play off and we should not be getting charged for it. If we continually will be, then don't call it a season ticket. The reason came back: You were only charged £20 last season for the Swedish champions so belt up. Fine, again, an attitude from Celtic that says "We are right and everyone else is wrong". You may even be reading this thinking I am wrong, good, at least it's an opinion. If I am wrong though, why are sections being closed? I can tell you now out of my circle of friends who go to watch Celtic, only about three of them I know are definitely going tonight. The rest simply can't afford it.

Celtic can't ignore this forever and in a game that should have a full house, you know and I know there will not be. Worst of all, Celtic already know.

The other thing that has got my goat, if you'll pardon the pun, is the frenzy folk are getting in with the media. Now, I will attack the media as much as anyone when I think it merits, but no matter how hard Jack Irvine tries, the media is not our real enemy. Certain aspects of the media are just a circus act, clowns sent to distract you and to distort information whilst the real enemies keep getting away with it again. A hardy band of Tims are on the case of these people, I see guys every day holding the SFA to account, keeping their eye pieces on Sevco and reminding us all about UEFA licences and that's the way we need to keep going.

Believe me, if we have learnt anything from the last 25 years, it's that the media are a drop in the ocean.

In an ideal world Celtic will win comfortably tonight and folk will stop being upset by Hugh Keevins.

We just need to get our own ideals unified first and remember that we are a collective, it should never be a group of individuals and one voice would help with everything, not least wading through Twitter.

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