Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lording it up

The first reaction I had to Celtic director Ian Livingston becoming a Lord was "Who?". Researching all his achievements as a director, which took the same amount of time as it did researching my achievements as a ballet dancer, I thought he might have been given a Lordship for helping the impoverished people of the east end of Glasgow, given the name he took,  but then I remembered that no one goes into the House of Lords because they helped poor people.

I bet, like me, your heart swelled with pride as you read that he would be accompanied by John Reid, now Baron Reid of Cardowan (DangerMouse immediately springs to mind) who must be being rewarded for his services to incompetence in public office.

All joking aside, do we really need this stuff on the official Celtic website? Is there any Celtic fan out there who actually relates to this stuff?

The aspiration of our great club should include representing the people who support it, embodying their hopes and dreams. That should be a pre-requisite, right?

Maybe I'm sitting in the wrong seat at Celtic Park or drinking in the wrong boozers in the Gallowgate, but I've not encountered anyone talking about what Baroness D'Souza said to Lord Hill of Oareford the night before.

I must be mixing in the wrong circles.

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