Saturday, July 6, 2013

Football on a Saturday

Yes, it's true. As we come to the end of that period we get every summer, where people pretend to care about Tennis, Cricket and Golf, Celtic are playing football today. On a Saturday. Yippee! It's not that I dislike Andy Murray or wish him any ill will it's just I don't really relate to anyone from Scotland who argues like this:

"Oh come on, it's still light, that's not fair, what are the rules here?"

Like shopping at Asda, the Edinburgh Festival and Barbecues, we all get sucked into such nonsense when Celtic aren't around. Stuff we would not even look at if an important trip to Dingwall was on the cards.

Krys Kujawa got so bored he decided to conceive a child for God's sake. (Congrats!)

But now it's over.

We enter the second stage of recovery today. The door was pushed open slightly on Wednesday but football should never start midweek, not really. So, we now move into a period where all that matters are the friendlies. Where fans can pore over new formations, strips and haircuts and Celtic can be the only club in the world to have a crisis in July.

I love it.

The rule of thumb with friendlies is pretty simple, if you are playing well and scoring goals, it's a good indicator of the season which is about to unfold where you are going to sweep the boards. If you are losing and your strikers look like they had never stepped onto a football field in any guise other than replacing turf, it's all about fitness.

So I'm looking forward to tonight and the inevitable "We are going to win the Champions League/Disband the whole club" reaction we will get, laced with the proper swearing and threats that you only get at Wimbledon when they run out of Strawberries.

Hey, there is even a #10inarow podcast post match.

It's good to be back.

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