Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 7-Evidently Chickentown

Well, it's over, just finished a ready meal from Asda and I can say "Thank God I don't need to go through another week like that"

Or can I?

The life you have read me experience in the last week isn't that far from my own but this is not about me.

See, my little "experiment" was laced with falsehoods. I didn't lie at all but there were lots of things that were not taken into consideration.

And were only mentioned by one person to me among the myriad of comments I got this week.

There were no council tax or bedroom tax bills mentioned.

Nor was the fact that being able to afford, TV, phone, broadband would be impossible with that income.

That's before you think about trying to get a job.

It was a week of walking, scrimping, boredom, isolation, desperation and alienation.

Out of everyone who knew about it, two people actually offered help, Jane Hamilton and Colette McCann.

I declined both because this wasn't about that. I do thank both though for their kindness offered though.

This was about being able to give an opinion on extreme poverty and being able to wade through the bile and lies that you hear about it.

This is not a lifestyle choice and nor has it ever been.

I hope it made you think, if not, here is the soundtrack to my week.


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