Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 6-Adaptation

Terry Waite was once chained to a radiator in Lebanon for four years. After release he admitted that about a year into his kidnap he started to get used to his situation.

Today was a good day as Ice Cube would say.

I walked into Leith Walk today, which is about four miles from my house, and I felt good doing it. My head was clear and I felt stronger. A friend saw a photo of me from Saturday and complimented me on my weight loss. That put a spring in my walk I can tell you. After my business in Leith Walk (dropping something off), I walked to Asda at Newhaven to stretch out the £7.90 I had left.

I did not bad at all. I was able to get a sandwich for lunch, my tea for tonight and two ready meals for tomorrow. Sitting in their cafe felt good, was a nice rest and the sandwich (Tuna) was great.

Eventually, I stood up with the intention of walking back to my home when I realised that my legs had stiffened to the point of real pain. I tried to walk it off but could not do it and was thankful that I still had £1.50 left so I could get a bus.

There's no doubt in my mind that, after walking 29 miles this week, my legs simply said "enough"

That wasn't the worrying thing though.

Sitting on the bus gave me time to think and I realised that things like cheaply priced ready meals and having enough change to get a bus were making me happy and THAT is a worry.

Should we really accept this standard of living?

My legs say no.

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