Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 4-The Hunger Games

Weekends in poverty are the worst. Your situation is amplified as the days seem longer and everyone else seems to be spend their weekends cavorting around spending cash like Imelda Marcos.

At least that's how it seems.

My day started bad as, for various reasons, my lift to the game fell through and so I had to get a train which was a dagger in the heart of my budget so I had to walk to the train station and back (eight mile round trip) and in the morning the heat was murderous.

I had Weetabix for my breakfast and calculated that the cheapest lunch I could get would be a £1 egg sandwich from Morrisons.  Thing is the walk completely wiped out the energy gained from the Weetabix so I gave in with the sandwich and ate it by 1145am. 

This meant a hell of a long day at the game.

Speaking of the game I was able to get three people into it for nothing, which was one of the two points of doing this and it felt really enriching. Whilst living in poverty it is practically impossible to do anything monetarily for anyone but to not feel written off allows the possibility of being nice to exist. 

To be written off though can lead to an attitude.

Whilst eating my sandwich I was sat next to two guys from London who were clearly in Edinburgh as part of The Fringe and their conversation at one point got got to one of them looking at my sandwich and saying to his mate "Fancy some lunch?" and his mate seeing him look at my sandwich with disdain and retorting "Yeah, a proper launch though"

Which after a 4 mile walk in searing heat and an Ice Cream stand in full view, made me feel small and inappropriate.

And hate the fuckers.

The hunger kicked in all day an being at the game not being able to afford anything to eat at the game was tough.

The prices at Celtic Park for food are obscene.

A "deal" at Celtic Park is a hot dog, small drink and packet of crisps for £7. Or 10% of my weekly budget for one "meal". That's not realistic and makes me feel inadequate as the hunger kicks in and a Pepsi is imagined like a waterfall after my four mile walk.

After the game, it was back home to do the last #10inarowshow which was a welcome distraction from the reality of there being no chance of going to the cinema, theatre or even just having a couple of pints.

Besides, it's not sensible to drink on an empty stomach.

I'm trying spend a week with a budget of £71.70. The money I saved from my normal weekly budget was used to get three people, who normally can't afford it, to Celtic Park on Saturday.

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