Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A week is a long time in poverty

You may have noticed that I am prone to the odd rant. It may surprise you to know that the stuff I get the most abuse for, by miles, is any time I talk about poverty.

So I want to explore it more and give as informed an opinion as I can.

I like to be someone who acts rather than just says but that has lapsed in recent times so I've decided to do something about it.

£71.70 is what the state gives a single, unemployed man a week to live on. From today (Wednesday) at 9am that is what I am living on for a week.

I'll be honest, I don't live on much more anyway, (Bursaries and Book sales in the main) so I know some of the angles required to survive.

I want to highlight what it is like to live in poverty, the extreme poverty 2 million people in Scotland currently live in.

I want to highlight the privilege that still goes on for the few even in 2013.

I have one real luxury in my life, Celtic, so they will, as usual, play a bit part in this.

Also, with the money I save, I am going to get three people to Celtic Park, who can't normally afford it, on Saturday for the game. It will be up to them whether they want their names here or not.

All I ask of you is to read the blogs I do, daily, for the next week, which will come at the end of each day, starting tomorrow night. That's it, nothing more, no grand speeches or constant updates on Twitter, just a blog a day and yes, I know it's not quite Frankie Boyle on hunger strike but I'd be delighted if anyone else did something better than I am doing to highlight poverty.

So, £71.70.

Well, I just went to Morrisons and bought the following

Morrisons Diluted Juice-30p
Morissons Rich Tea Biscuits-23p
Seafood Sticks-99p
Two tins of Morrisons Tomato Soup-26p each
Morrisons Pizza-50p

Total cost-£4.53

So I currently have £67.17 left and that electricity meter is at £1.32 right now.

I'll push the emergency button now I think.

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