Saturday, June 8, 2013


What a show that was, eh? Dan Tana and all that?  The North American Federation of Celtic Supporters Clubs convention runs from Sunday 9th June to Sunday 16th June and you will have seen, like me, plenty mention of it on Social Media and you will, like me, have been immensely jealous of all those going.

The first thing I like about the convention is the hotel. The Riviera is old school Vegas not the Disneyland Vegas that attracts people in sun-vizors. Dean Martin had a suite built on the ground floor because he hated elevators, so if it's good enough for Deano, it's good enough for me.

The pool at the Riviera is the centre piece to the convention and the main meeting point for all. You also have the convention office pool side and that is where you will find the likes of Tam Donnelly and Mike Boyd who, along with the rest of the committee, provide the backbone to the convention.

The Riviera was also the hotel that was used in the movie Casino and when you arrive, you'll know why.

The big event, of course, is the dinner dance and,  having attended three of them in my time, be prepared to be blown away by the sheer scale of the room and the thousands of Tims in attendance.

Vegas itself is an incredible place with almost anything you want within walking dstance. Speaking of walking, the last time I walked up Las Vegas Boulevard, Jim Craig walked towards me. Maybe, one day, some first team players will do the same...

Finally, when the week comes to a close, remember, there is always next year and that is New Orleans.  The Bhoys down there are already working round the clock to get as many Tims down there as possible and I, God willing, will be one of them and doing some stuff down there so stay tuned for that.

Until then, all you lucky bassas have a great week this week.

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