Sunday, June 23, 2013

John Paul Taylor back at Celtic

Some good news from Celtic. A proper supporters liaison has been appointed at last.

Now, I know there will be scepticism out there with regards to this but I am happy. Why? Because the guy getting the job was made for the job. Most of you will know him as well, it's ex ticket office manager John Paul Taylor, who begins his new role on July 8th.

Anyone who has came into contact with John knows where his heart is and knows how good he is at pretty much any job he does, particularly when it comes to Celtic and helping out the supporters.

It's a step in the right direction from a club that maybe, just maybe, is listening to the supporters at last and we may be looking at a future where transparency and honesty are not forlorn hopes as they have been recently.

I wish John all the best because I know he will give eveything and more for the club and the supporters.

And you can't have too many folk like that at Celtic.

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