Monday, May 20, 2013

Celts for Change-to stay the same

Another league season is over and another league trophy is in the bag, It's been a season of thrills and chills with an "Always have been, Always will be" theme running through the year. Identity is a thing that means a lot to me. I'm a traditionalist in the sense that there are three things that are sacred at Celtic, namely, the name Celtic, the green and white hoops and the name Celtic Park. I know there are some would happily sell the name of the park for a few quid but once you go down that road, you realise soon, you can't go back.

Our identity is why we have a worldwide support.

I've watched with interest the current goings on at Sevco and Hearts and the "wait and see" attitude of their supporters just baffles me. I think the reason they have done nothing to save their clubs, and Rangers before them, is that they expected help as establushment clubs. Folk know all about Rangers and Sevco, but at Hearts as well, the Edinburgh City Chambers has reeked of Jambo and, whisper it, even to the point of ensuring Vladimir Romanov got all the help he needed to takeover Hearts after being rebuffed by Dunfermline and Dundee Utd,

The very men who got Romanov in still swan about the bars of Edinburgh like Pontious Pilot, washing their hands of their involvement that has ended up with Hearts on their knees.

With that being said, it was wonderful to see Celts For Change being acknowledged by the club at the weekend. At that time, Celtic were rudderless and we, as fans,  needed someone or some thing to get behind in order to get their voices out there. The guys at Celts For Change provided that leadership and paved the way for Fergus McCann to weigh in with the money that stopped administration, stopped the need for a CVA and stopped the death of our club.

The identity of Celtic helped us stand up and be counted then, our rebel hearts.

Always have been, Always will be.

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